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    Asia-Pacific PCB Market is good
    Visan Strategies, a market research company located in New York, released, PCB market reaches to 50 billion dollars in 2007, and it will be increased to 76 billion dollars.
    It is hopefull to expand PCB production scale in Asia-Pacific area. And the PCB revenue in this area will increase by more than 60 percent from 2007 to 2012, while decline in other areas. The other areas maybe continue to  be low yield special centre for PCB production.
    "It challanges to design and produce more complex and smaller PCB, to meet the higher and higher requirement of more and more pins in CMOS chip, the development of  high-speed serial data stream technology and the adoption of  bus interface and clock rates with more than 400MHZ." Said Kaustubha Parkhi, a writer of Visan strategies.
    PCB has various forms, inculding high density interconnection and micropore PCB, monolayer, double-layer and multi-layer PCB, rigid and flexible PCB and so on.


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