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       Auto Parts rubber
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       Silicone Products
       Extruded rubber
       Metal composites
       Plastic parts
    NINGBO HANHONG RUBBER TECH CO., LTD A research and development, production, trade in one joint-stock rubber company is located in the central area of ​​the Yangtze River Delta economic circle - Cixi City, west of Hangzhou, Ningbo, east and strategic location, convenient transportation. The company’s technology is strong, with a senior engineer specialized polymer materials, rubber technology and advanced production and testing equipment, can quickly develop new products to meet customer requirements according to the structure and performance requirements needed accurate, material type involved: rubber (including silicone, fluorine rubber
    Polymer Market Update in North America, October 8, 2007
    Epoxy Resin Printed Circuit Board Has Kept the Trend
    The current development situation of China Ethylene Industry
    US ETP business has good growth potential until 2010
    Asia-Pacific PCB Market is good
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